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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
"V8s , V10"- to do so defeats the entire purpose of the project.
If you have seen the video of Ex BMW Design director Chris Bangle talking about Supercars in general then you understand BMW's decision previously in regards to Supercars.
Maybe the 'entire purpose of the project' was silly to begin with. Give us a real super car already, the i8 is great but don't fool yourself into thinking any sane person will think of it as a sports car, much less a super car. People who have the money for cars like this, at least from what I see, don't want to look like eco hippies we want to tear the road a new ass and light everything on fire with our Lamborghinis.

Forget V8 or V10, I'd love to see a new iteration of the legendary V12 you guys sold to McLaren in the 90s.