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+1 Perfectly stated. This is a different flagship, one that fits with mainstream vehicles like a 320d ED.

Hopefully the Z2 M will sync with some of the themes developed here: lightweight materials, efficiency. I am tired of bigger-heavier-more powerful.

Hope that a diesel variant can eventually be produced, but with such minute sales, there is no margin for engineering and certifying multiple powertrains.

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"V8s , V10"- to do so defeats the entire purpose of the project.
If you have seen the video of Ex BMW Design director Chris Bangle talking about Supercars in general then you understand BMW's decision previously in regards to Supercars.

A supercar comes and goes... some linger , some dont, but they all get 15 minutes until the next one comes along.
BMW i8 is all about relevance and what does a sports car in the future do to survive especially in the age of sustainability and alternative drivetrains.

BMW i8 is cutting edge design with ground breaking technology and construction. Everyone else is turning petrol driven sports cars into electric cars. BMW are not that is why the BMW i8 is and will be a game changer.

BMWi is not about conventional , This is the future you were promised when you were younger but did not materialize. Science Fiction in the present.

Welcome to the Brave New World.