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Originally Posted by gunnerxq View Post
thank god everyone is forced to go green... not. If it wasn't for the restricting regulations and timelines BMW wouldn't have to build a car like this. Drill Baby Drill
Any environmentalists want to curse me out?
Allow me to take a shot!

Electric cars are still good for people like you (and me) who still like a gasoline engine. Here's why:
1. Allow manufacturers to meet emissions targets and offer high consumption, high fun vehicles. I know you will say they are forced to do this. However, you will still benefit if the technology evolves to where cars are truly sustainable. And yes, I agree that this generation of electric cars are not. Electricity still needs to be made, batteries created and disposed of, etc. However, most engineers and business managers rightly point out this is a necessary technological and cultural step forward into a new and unknown technology.

2. Cars with electric motors have better acceleration, and theoretically, could be used for a more balanced car as the technology matures. Tesla hints at this potential, as done the i8 and the Audi e-tron. Are these applications ready to kill off today's refined internal combustion engines? Nope. Will they? I suspect so. So as auto enthusiasts, we should not resist change!

3. Finally, early adopters who wear their green values on their sleeves will buy these cars. Not only will they create a market for them, they will also live through the inevitable teething problems. (Check out the Leaf turtle stories!) You and I are not forced to buy these cars. But one day, we might choose one as the tech gets better!

And on the price, I think that is a pretty sweet price.