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Originally Posted by Vanos1 View Post
Ermmm...please do some research yourself before calling people idiots.

BMW still strongly beleives that hydrogen is the fuel of the future.

Hydrogen has an energy 'density' which makes it a very efficient fuel - one kilo of hydrogen contains three times as much energy as a kilo of oil
Hydrogen can be efficiently transported and stored and therefore helps tackle supply and demand issues
Hydrogen is suitable for a decentralised energy supply – it is available throughout the world and is not limited to a specific region.

Hydrogen is set to become a major energy source in the future but there are many hurdles to overcome. New technologies have to be developed, tested and go into production. Their efficiency and profitability have to be ensured and they must gain a broad customer acceptance before market entry. Lastly, a viable infrastructure (for example, hydrogen filling stations) needs to be put in place.

In 2006 BMW supplied the Mayor of London with a hydrogen fuel 7 series to prove that it was a viable solution to our energy problems.

You may want to do some research into BMW and their hydrogen beliefs, there are a number of BMW websites with this information.


LMAO... Please do you're own research before trying to debunk my ideas. My professor is the head scientist for exxon-mobil in their quest for an efficient and cheap fuel cell that can be used by the general population. I've had tons of conversations with him about this.

Hydrogen in gas form DOES have an energy density of 120 MJ/kg. BUT that is in the gas form, do you know how much volume one 1kg of the least dense element on the planet is? ALOT! So, in order to be able to hold enough hydrogen in a car, it needs to be compressed into a liquid form (compressed=explosive when there's an accident).

When hydrogen is liquified it only has a energy density of 9 MJ/L which is nothing compared to gasoline at 31 MJ/L (translation= you need more than 3 times as much liquid hydrogen to get the same amount of usable energy out as gasoline to power a car). Other energy densities for example are: methanol 16 MJ/L and ethanol 21 MJ/L. FINALLY, when hydrogen is compressed, it's energy density is further reduced to 4.7 MJ/L (or ~7 times less energy per liter of gasoline).

SO, in summary, hydrogen won't work for cars. It may work for a power source for much bigger things, but cars are way too small.

BMW scrapped their hydrogen project, it was just a marketing strategy to show how BMW is really technologically advanced. They don't think hydrogen is the future

wow it is so funny that people think they know what they are talking about on this forum. This is you now:
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