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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
The other thing with traveling is that your diet gets completely fooked.

I'm sort of cheap and [obviously] health-conscious so I resent airport food. Everything is super expensive and unhealthy in airports, so I just roll with a Starbucks egg white wrap and a plain bagel. Much cheaper and healthier than eating the other garbage. But at the same time its low on calories and protein.
Hitting the nail on the head. Diet is such a pain in the ass while on travel. For longer periods of time I'll try to get a room w/ a kitchen of some sort and actually get to the grocery store. For my typical week long trips you're absolutely right it's difficult to find some healthy options. Although on travel I tend not to snack at all so I'll be a little more lenient with my meals. My go tos are chipotle, chinese, jersey mikes/jimmy johns, and gas stations like wawa where I can load up on protein bars and water. Fact of the matter is it's damn near impossible to be strict, make do with what you can haha
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