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Originally Posted by LogicalApex View Post
We shall see how BMW positions it. My understanding was Digital Key on MY2021 cars was basically the same as Digital Key on previous cars that was only supported on Android. The big changes needed for it were coming in V3 of the spec which is appears the iX supports.

If it requires new hardware though BMW may not upgrade the entire line at the same time and may wait for an LCI or platform update. Similar to how they left the MY2020 G30 cars on some odd "iDrive 7 Lite".
-Digital key 1.0 was available on android phones (and i believe it still is) but no other manufacturers chose to integrate other than BMW. Apple chose to not implement the 1.0 standard.
-Digital key 2.0 was an upgrade over 1.0 and it appears that only apple actually integrated 2.0 into their phones. BMW made 2.0 available for all 2021 vehicles with the full idrive 7(x3 comes to mind as excluded). 2.0 still requires the phone be physically placed "on" the car either the handle or charging pad
-Digital key 3.0 is the true "holy grail" where the phone will function just like the key fob and can be kept in pocket/purse. Obviously bmw is planning to integrate 3.0 going forward and it is likely most OEMs and phone manufacturers were waiting for this standard as it is the most user friendly and familiar.

Iphones 11pro+ will be compatible with 3.0 as they have correct chipset for 3.0, the real question is will existing 2021 BMWs (and which 2022s) be compatible with 3.0.

lots of good info on this topic here:

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