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Originally Posted by Mark
Service Action – B61 31 14 KLE Update

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In its original configuration, the i3 had goal set for a charge rate over 7.0 kW. Unfortunately, owners reported problems with the KLE (onboard charger) with ultimate charger failure. To rectify the situation, BMW issued a software update to limit the charging rate to 4-5.5kW.

Now, BMW has issued a service action (referenced above) to replace the onboard chargers which will bring the charging rate back up to the original intended rate of ~7 kW.

If you own an i3, now might be a good time to contact your dealer and make them aware of the above Service Action and get the replacement done free of charge along with the required software update

Source: InsideEVs

One thing cool about a Tesla is they have the ability to send updates without the car being present.

This is more of a recall on a bad part. Weird that they did not no this before they rolled out production, considering all the R&D.