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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
As for buying direct from a factory, that is being fought right now and tesla is losing in a lot of states. The dealership world has approximately 40,000 dealerships in the US alone. Think of the jobs lost and then where would you have your car serviced? There is a reason they are fighting it. Not only would the dealerships be hurt by it, but all the software that runs those businesses, ADP, R&R, etc.. along with all the third party sites like, autotrader, carfax, etc..
I get the economic impact of allowing direct orders, but that's no excuse to not move away from an outdated model. Personally, I'd rather not pay for a 'service' I don't need. I'd much rather see dealerships become service and support places. There is value there. Considering the information freely available today, having to go in and dicker about price adds no value to me.

The current model can, and should, change IMO.