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Unhappy The clock in my 2003 E46 resets each time I start the car

own a 325i 2003 bmw coupe 4dr, My Alternator died and had it replaced was charged 694.00, The serviceman also sold me a new battery for another 233.00
Started the car and right away I had 2 burnt out front headlights which they charged 20.00 dollars each and another 115.00 plus tax in labour.
Also my clock was flashing ---*--- so I reset it. When I turned the car off and restarted the engine. The clock went back to ---*---. It keeps resetting itself everytime. I went in the trunk and behold the battery cover was just thrown on top of the battery. I noticed a wire hanging down on the positive side over the battery but was not connected . just hanging loose. Q1) what is this wire Q2) why is the clock resetting.. All told I am out over 1000 dollars not including 150 for towing.