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Originally Posted by EricVR4 View Post
What little respect I had left for the NBA front office, I just lost. How in the world did they just let GS sign Cousins? 1 year for $5M? How is that not blatantly obvious that he took a massive pay cut so they could win another ring? Such a bunch of crap, haha

I don't get the LeBron to LA thing either. I'm not sure what he's going to achieve there. I don't think anyone will compete with GS again next season now, and certainly not the Lakers.

Meanwhile I'm over here waiting for the Rockets to do something but I'm not seeing much potential for us. Frustrating!
Cousins went on the market and had no takers, nobody wanted to pay him the money he was looking for. He is coming off a major injury so that probably put off a lot of teams, plus he is known for an attitude in the locker room. So in reality he did not take a massive pay cut, GS was the only team to take a risk on him.