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Originally Posted by tennisfreak View Post
A Mustang is no comparison.
It's not all about horsepower.

The Mustang is a big heavy cheap plastic piece of crap.
It has tons of problems with engines and transmissions since the 18 refresh.

I'll happily pay more for something a little more refined.
After doing enough track days you learn that horsepower is not the end all be all of enjoyment.
Why do you think these things will not be a cheap pos (its a cheapo toyota) with tons of typical BMW mechanical and electrical issues? Any sort of Toyota dependability and reliably is out the door with this bastard.

If you are happy to pay more for refinement just go buy a Porsche. Given its 50k rumored price tag, why not just pay a little more for a M2 or a cayman ?This car is just a cheapo pathetic attempt to milk people using the Supra name.

If you really want refinement and do track days how the hell is your choice a +50,000 toyota badge Z4 and not an M2 ?