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Originally Posted by NEFARIOUS View Post
Oh well, I can still confuse civilians, I guess LMAO... The whole solidarity thing would've been a nice bonus when I hammer it through the [not-so] Great Plains (the most boring-est drive I've ever driven from Boise to Des Moines, and yes, I know there's no such word), but oh well.

But then again I got an Explorer for its comfort, decent power, technology, fold-flat seats, good reviews on AWD technology short of Subaru, and well: I'm currently an RF Engineer, and I figured it'd be a lot more official-looking if I am auditing cell towers in a vehicle known to be a workhorse than say, a Camry or Subie Outback, but not as bland/over-the-top utilitarian as a Chevy Express or Ram ProMaster (sounds like a bad porno name)... I'm also sure I'd have a lot less people prying into what I'm doing if I drove something more official-looking.
Explorers are different. I would drive one, albeit not resembling anything like our patrol or special detail units.
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