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Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
If we're a two man car, the bookman always gets to the car first (...and he/she approaches from the right). We can also see a RHD car/driver long before we actually effect the stop, so it's never really a surprise to find somebody on the right. What usually IS the surprise is to find that the R/O actually took the time to get the car assessed and registered.

As far as switching seats.....

....that's more rare than it is common. Switching contraband is much more common.
I've had the driver switch seats with the passenger a few times, always drunk or suspended or both and usually ends up in a punch up....

Funny story, my wife and I were in the finger lakes a few years ago. We were driving back to our Airbnb from Watkins Glen. We'd stopped at a winery for a tasting and my wife got a "wine slushy" to go.....tacky I know. Anyway, we were in the Z4MC and stuck in a line of traffic behind some old git doing about 40 for miles.....I finally get an opening an shoot past him along with about 4 other sports cars behind me, my luck a NY State Trooper is sitting in a driveway and out he comes. He ends up a ways back and had to play catch up. I dumped my speed when I say him coming out because I knew he had me. When he got his chance he blew past the cars behind me and then bubbled wife says "should I throw my drink out the window".....I love her, so I sad not a great idea because you can't know how much the cops love seeing shit going out the window on a traffic stop.

88 in a 50, a nice young Trooper, very polite. We came to an agreement that if I slowed down a bit he wouldn't charge me. My wife sat there with her slurpy not saying much.

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