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Originally Posted by infinitekidM2C View Post
Oh i've got a homeless question. So it's a bit of an issue with these "walking dead." Especially in the city, they can often be yelling, starting shit, and whatnot, but what can you really do about them? Have you ever been instructed to deal with them differently due to their mental issues or because sending them to jail would be a waste?

For example, i see a lot of these lot in the subway, sleeping in a train or just wandering around like walking dead, and i know damn well they aint got no ticket but the cops don't seem concerned.
The problem is homelessness isn't a crime in and of itself, so unless the homeless person has committed a crime (...or has been accused of committing a crime), there's not much law enforcement can do. In some jurisdictions, however, the homeless are rerouted/moved to appease the community. Mental health is an entirely different bag of worms. Dealing with them requires A LOT of patience.
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