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great to see F1 cars back on track especially on sunset..

1.2 seconds faster than last year's day 1 test's fastest time by Hamilton.. and seems like Merc' is still down on top speed that seen on speed traps..and its great to see midfield is quite cranked up for this year.. and probably most of the track records will be broken this year before cars will slow down next year..

Ferrari seems having some problems that affected Lerlerc's day quite a lot..
even he lapped more than 120 laps not much positivity from Ferrari garage..
Red Bull and more precisely Max had more than 160 laps and when you think race distance is 66 laps.. its insane..

Magnussen had a weird spin and Max had 3 nervy moments..
and Honda engines were sounding like they coughing on the straights.. that doesnt sound normal at least for me..

and here comes a conspiracy theory..
maybe Ferrari affected from 2nd fuel flow meter that teams can not touch.. only FIA can inspect.. and maybe that means, Ferrari can not push more fuel into engine when needed.. can it be?

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We know the outcome before the season even starts.
can be not for me though..
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