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I have been listening to the audio of the commentators for the afternoon sessions (I'm in the US) for the past 3 days and it does seem very doom and gloom at Ferrari right now but I am not sure I buy it.

Binotto said: “I’m not as optimistic as last year and I think the others are faster than us at the moment.”

“How much faster is difficult to judge and we will pull the data in the coming days. But I don’t think we’re as fast as them at the moment. Do we have any concerns? Yes, when you are not as fast as you want to be, but I think it’s too early to define them so these three days have been very important. We have a clear picture which allows better understanding and what will be more important is to develop the car in the right direction.”

“Having said that, it’s a very long season, so there will be time to recover. But, let’s wait for next week and Australia to truly assess what’s the true performance of the car.”

Couple that with this image
and I am not sure I am buying the story. Either Ferrari is truly in a tough spot and somehow went from being the fastest in a straight line to almost the slowest, or they are sandbagging very hard in order to avoid a repeat of last year's expectations vs. season start performance.

In the end, I just want a good season with some good races. I enjoyed last year even though there were lots of complaints about it being boring watching Merc run away. Now if we can just get the TV crews to point the cameras at the action in the midpack, not the leader with a 15 second gap.
I remember the graphic today showing Ferrari much faster than Mercedes at the speed trap. Alfa has a Ferrari engine and Ferrari claim they have an efficient car so their speed trap numbers should be much higher than that picture.