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Originally Posted by A6bullet View Post
At the beginning of this thread I made a comment as to the 330's potential as the new M-lite car. I've seen a couple people make jokes on it and some people think about it and sort of agree.

I had an M2 and then I "downgraded" to a G20. I know both cars pretty well. I can feel the 330's bushings in the rear sub frame, I can feel that the suspension is sorted out more than the Fxx gen, the steering is much improved, lacking feel maybe a bit but I can feel the road through the steering wheel and that matters.

The car is bit more heavy than the M2, but these cars are not "track weapons", dont kid yourself. They are very capable commuter cars period. You want it to be a track weapon? You will most definitely need to spend some money to get it there.

On the road I am constantly and pleasantly surprised at how well the 330i handles the road. It sticks just as good as the M2 on FUN drives. It rotates on command, and while down on power I feel satisfaction in mashing the pedal and accelerating briskly to a semi legal speed. Its not as visceral as the M2, not as aggressive. You don't hear all the road noise or exhaust noise, which is s shame but a blessing at the same time. This is my daily and my road-trip car, having all that noise gets old after driving for a while.

As I write this I find that I miss the direct feeling of the M2, the sound of diff working in the back at low speeds, working the manual transmission and getting perfect shifts. But at the same time I dont miss the shitty interior that creaks if you look at it wrong. I dont miss the fake leather seats that seem like an after thought (if it were a true race car I would have loved some cloth seats). I value my money and for me the value of the M2 was in its marketing as "the back to form M car of days past". But they tried to make an M for today with Ideas of yesterday and the result was compromises everywhere. I love the idea of the M2, but on the flesh it was disappointing. It sort of good, but not great.

Maybe when they release the G87 we'll see what the new architecture brings. Maybe they'll improve all the faults of the car. Or maybe they'll give it a buck tooth grille, some ugly wheels and more power for all the badge snob posers here, so they can brag about their 0-100.

Just my 2 cents, let me know what you think.
Perfect comments. I especially agree with your comments on the M2. I had a M2C, and share the same thoughts on the daily drive behavior and after-thought interior.