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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
BMW has never gotten the wagon formula right in the USA, IMO. People who want a wagon want car dynamics with SUV practicality. BMW always gives us the lowest performance variant of the day-- 323 and 325 only in e46, 328 only in e9x, and 4 cylinder automatic only in f3x.

People who care about dynamics don't want the slower version. Give us the bigger engines!
I definitely agree with this. I see people posting up their 3 series wagons and personally, I don't get it. Why would I want a low performance BMW? It would be cool if BMW offered a wagon in true M form, but I don't think they'd need to. Particularly for something like a wagon version of the current 3 series, I think if BMW offered a 340 wagon with a manual, that would raise some eyebrows. You have the wagon people who would like it for its wagon form and other people who might be interested because it's the only way to get a manual in a non-M product. So yeah, probably 20 people would buy one per year.