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Originally Posted by Soomro View Post
hi all,
i need help. i am 6'1 tall, weigh 15LBS, i know i am under weight,how do i gain weight? using protien shakes or weight gainers besides doing workout?

please help?

It's simple.
You obviously have a very high metabolism.

You need to consume more calories than you burn.
The easiest way to see what you burn is to go to a nutritionist to be examined. They will take a few tests and be able to determine your average calorie burn per day (excluding workouts).

If you're 6'1'', 150lbs and 40 years old, I guarantee you will have to eat at least 3500 calories a day to gain weight.

Youll want to limit your workouts to less reps, heavier weight. Allow some time before each set so that you body recovers. The more intense your workout is, the more calories you will burn.
So many people go to the gym, do crazy workouts, then have a protein shake and expect to gain weight. You'll get stronger, no doubt, but if you don't eat you will maintain if not lose weight.
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