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I'd probably drop the watch off at the local Goodwill and claim a small tax credit... if you're sleazy I guess you can claim a big tax credit... but too big and you risk getting audited.

That being said the OP should just get rid of it, craigslist or donation, and use the $$$ towards a Seiko Sea urchin or a Seiko SKX007 (both are like Rolex Submariner inspired watches). Both awesome inexpensive watches, quality movement, cheap so makes for a great beater watch, however looks like a million bucks (at least it looks like a thousand bucks), looks great on a metal strap or leather strap or NATO strap... and more importantly us timepiece enthusiast won't call it a replica, but a timepiece that has a great following.

That being said, I got my wife a real authentic Goyard bag that cost as much as an Omega. I told her to use it as a daily bag however she uses it occasionally. Then on a recent trip I noticed she brought another Goyard bag... same style different color + dust bag and everything. I wondered where she got the money for that cause I'm the one that funds those things. She said she got it used. Then I noticed that she was just dragging it around everywhere, leaving it on the dirty ground, spilling drinks on it. So I started suspecting. So I started looking for ways to spot a Goyard online. Turns out this was such a good copy that even the pattern looked hand painted like the real one. The only thing that gave it away was the font for the serial numbers... was just slightly off proportion... She admitted it was a copy and I did feel a bit more relieved. That being said I'm trying to get her into the habit of using her Kate Spades or Tory Burch bags as her daily knock around bags.
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