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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
You nailed it again my friend . But for me with my job , it's when I find the necessary time to do it .
Mostly I can plan actually ...."Nothing"
The weather predictions for june and august are very hot , probably with heat waves like last year ...It was crazy hot , with lack of water everywhere !
The heat from the sun is clearly changed in the last 5 years . It's now already crazy hot to stay or to work in the sun .
No doubt the climate changed in too hot . We get no winters anymore . And in summer the heat followed by (tropical) thunderstorms are very dangerous !
Last year we got several nights with crazy heavy thunderstorms .During the night it was like WW-II outside ...I had to drive at the company at 4:30 AM with fallen tries and mud flows over the roads !
It was terrible !

I always try to park my car in the shadow ,always out of the sunlight !
Because this kind of strong sunlight is very bad for the paint , rubber window sealings , and leather from our cars ...
I had a full red baseball cap which I used to wear for race meetings and recently working in the garden, it's turned pink/orange from the sun.
The post office vans used here were shiny post box red three or four years old they are all MATT RED and fading, you HAVE to buy a metallic paint coloured car for paint longevity. It's important to wear a hat now in blazing sunshine and long light slacks when about also I have long sleeved polo shirts to save the arms! -when the sun is dangerous.
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