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Originally Posted by BimmerBahn View Post
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Jesus Christ, why would anyone do this? Just park the damn car. All of these real life variables in parking garages (kids slipping away from parents, strollers, shopping carts, mindless texting teens) and you do this? How irresponsible. What happens when the car gets into an accident and you're shopping at Nordstrom? BMW needs to stop the BS and focus on making these cars drive like BMWs should.
Yes, while most people will just park the car, it is good that they're at least working on the autonomous problem...which is very hard... just look at Tesla. They've been working on it for years, leveraging their entire global fleet for training data and it still doesn't work.

There isn't any reason BMW or any other OEM shouldn't work on this. Further, I would hazard a guess that these auto-park areas are heavily controlled, to ensure some random customer/kid isn't in an area where something could happen. Even so, it would be great if the car could sense pedestrians and handle accordingly.... easier to do at slow speed and in a controlled environment than in some public car park.

My $0.02

"it is good that they're at least working on the autonomous problem.."

The reality is autonomous driving is a solution to something which isn't a problem.
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