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Originally Posted by 128Convertibleguy View Post
They don't. They do have a bad government and a good national health care insurance system. The health care system itself is, as here, mostly private.
They beat us in most every measurable thing, life expectancy, infant mortality (we're particularly bad there), numbers of doctors per 1000 people, time to get in to see your family doctor, etc.

Their national cost for health care per capita is significantly lower than ours. Something like 2/3. Better results for less money. I know it's new to you, with the news sources you use, but it's the truth. National health care insurance has been proven to be better and cheaper in most every developed country, except Great Britain and Canada, where health care itself is public. Our blindness to the facts has been, and continues to be, appalling.

Here's one good resource,and it's far from my only source. I've spent a fair amount of time studying this from all angles. The proponents of national health care insurance have the data on their side, the opponents philosophical rhetoric. I'm a scientist, and I'll take data over rhetoric. Every time.

Here's a good article linked to on their home page. Data.

September 8, 2014
A Comparison of Hospital Administrative Costs in Eight Nations: U.S. Costs Exceed All Others by Far

This also covers it.

<Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn't think the Affordable Care Act will be repealed, even if Republicans win a Senate majority and consolidate their hold on the House in next month's election. "That's not gonna happen," Kasich told The Associated Press during a recent re-election campaign swing.

"The opposition to it was really either political or ideological," the Republican governor added. "I don't think that holds water against real flesh and blood, and real improvements in people's lives.">

<Former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, a Republican who served as Health and Human Services secretary for President George W. Bush, says Washington lawmakers and state governors are playing on different levels.

"In the Washington world, things are about control of the news cycle and preparing for the next election," said Leavitt. "Governors are more interested in finding a way they can be comfortable in their own skins and solve problems.">
Highly credible. To repeat from above “If we isolate these countries, what’s not going to happen is the disease staying there. It will spread more, all over Africa and we’ll be at higher risk.” Duh. And who do you want to trust on this? Ann Coulter? Rush Limbaugh? Ted Cruz? Sarah Palin? Distrust in institutions is another epidemic in America, but the experts in many disciplines, who many disparage, have brought you the lifestyle you enjoy.

The EU just had a big meeting, with governments and medical experts. They decided against a travel ban. It's not because they're looking for the tourist trade from West Africa, it's because their experts also told them that a travel ban would be counter-productive. It's pretty much agreed among experts.

Needless to say, if the EU doesn't have a travel ban, ours would be absolutely pointless. I invite you to observe how the unscrupulous journalists and politicians fanning the flames, ignore that fact, too.

Let me give you some data, to give you support against the fear mongers. 43 people in close contact with the Ebola victim have just been released from quarantine. Some of them lived with him, another was his girlfriend. Almost all of the American victims (there was one press guy) have been health care workers, who spent a lot of time in very close contact with a great many very sick people. In difficult circumstances, be it Africa or a Texas hospital that was obviously ill prepared. It appears that Ebola is indeed hard to catch from casual contact.
You're a scientist? You keep repeating the myth about the US having low infant mortality scores, when that has been proven false for years. You keep comparing US healthcare costs with other countries, even though the US has a legal system that support frivolous lawsuits - which greatly inflate the cost of medicine, and "defensive" medicine (docs over-ordering so they don't get sued). You continue to ignore that the US bears the cost of drug and medical device development for the entire world, which is baked into our healthcare costs. Now you are taking about "experts" rejecting a travel ban, when that is exactly what the neighboring nations in the Hot Zone have done, and they are now Ebola-free - so it clearly, inarguably has worked for them.

Perhaps you're really a political advocate? Or maybe a Community Organizer?
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