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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
You're a scientist? You keep repeating the myth about the US having low infant mortality scores, when that has been proven false for years. You keep comparing US healthcare costs with other countries, even though the US has a legal system that support frivolous lawsuits - which greatly inflate the cost of medicine, and "defensive" medicine (docs over-ordering so they don't get sued). You continue to ignore that the US bears the cost of drug and medical device development for the entire world, which is baked into our healthcare costs. Now you are taking about "experts" rejecting a travel ban, when that is exactly what the neighboring nations in the Hot Zone have done, and they are now Ebola-free - so it clearly, inarguably has worked for them.

Perhaps you're really a political advocate? Or maybe a Community Organizer?

You sure are good at tossing out logically fallacious lines of reasoning and justification.

That's why I didn't bother to reply to your last response to my comments. I figure everyone else, except that other guy, can see them as well as I can, and you wouldn't accept that they are fallacious even if it were demonstrated to you.

You said you'd need to hire another consultant to interpret my comments. Your money would be better spent on a philosopher so you'd just have someone who could think clearly for you in the first place.

Off Topic:
Conservatives really lost out when Buckley died. Not since him have conservatives had such a literate and clear thinking champion to argue their positions. I

I don't have a problem with conservative positions. I'm more conservative than liberal myself. I have a problem with the idiots who are put forth to champion the cause. They are, for the most part, embarrassing. It's unfortunate, but the great majority of conservative positions seem to issue from merely being the opposite of the liberal one rather than having logical merit in their own right.

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