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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post

Thank you. Now you see why I put one of the rhetoricians on my ignore list.... The Karl Rove style of political discourse doesn't require facts cogent arguments; it only calls for sound bites that sound good, or that sound at least inflammatory/fear-causing/dire enough to force one's opposition to take a defensive posture to refute one's specious claims/accusations.

That sort of thing plays well among folks who aren't well versed in economics, finance and/or a very specific set of circumstances, the latter being the case with the Ebola outbreaks.

All the best.

So now I am being compared to Karl Rove??? I don't know whether I should be offended or laugh. I have what you might call pragmatic views on international affairs, but I am as libertarian as you get when it comes to domestic and social issues here. If you want to test me on my stance, I'm willing to bet that I will disagree with Karl Rove on domestic/legal issues more often than not.

Anyway, @Tony20009, you accusing someone else of being a "rhetorician" is one of the most definitive cases of 'the pot calling the kettle black' that I have ever seen on this forum.

Enjoy your vow of silence...

Edit: I also thoroughly enjoy how though you try to portray yourself as agnostic on the trivial struggles between the Democrats and Republicans, yet you only ever call out Republicans for misdeeds and errors. Karl Rove is supposedly the big bad political operative who embodies everything that is wrong with the US political system....and of course Democrats have nothing like that on their side.

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