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Originally Posted by 128Convertibleguy View Post
To get back to the thread. 50,000 Americans will die from the flu this year. Many preventable if we had health care insurance for all, as does pretty much every other Western democracy. None have died from Ebola.
Also please stop throwing around rhetoric and quotes from the Ebola Czar Ron Klaine and do your own research. 50K people don't die from the flu every year.

The annual average # of deaths ranges any where from 36k to 23k depending on how far back you go to gather data and calculate the average.

I know NPR is way too Karl Rove-like for your tastes, so please forgive me...

Also, people who contract the flu have a fraction of a percent chance (less than 1%) of dying.

People who contract Ebola, have about a 50% chance of dying.

You're welcome.

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