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Originally Posted by Dalko43 View Post
50K people don't die from the flu every year.

The annual average # of deaths ranges any where from 36k to 23k
The number is somewhat uncertain, but your low estimate is just fine. It doesn't change the point at all.

Number of people infected here with the flu. Millions, it's highly contagious. Number of people who die of the flu every year. 23,000.

Number of people infected here with Ebola. 2, both health care workers in close contact, who likely did not have adequate protection. No one has been infected through casual contact. It's not very contagious, at all. Number of people infected here who've died. Zero. The survival rate so far is 100%.

To say these problems are even remotely comparable is silly. Ebola fear is being whipped up by unscrupulous journalists and politicians for their own personal gain. It's beyond shameful. People should not buy into it.

Meanwhile, the irrational madness continues, with its willful ignorance of the science and the experts. Quarantines. This is like closing your eyes and saying a problem has disappeared. Clearly, the best way to protect America is to fight Ebola at its source, in Africa. Volunteers are a key tool. To discourage them via an unjustified and onerous quarantine is counter productive to keeping us safe. There could be a procedure where they monitor their temperature and report it. Or something else that's reasonable and justified.

Do you really want our defense against Ebola to be governed by that expert in medicine and infectious disease, Chris Christie?

The volunteers should be greeted as heroes on their return, not abused.

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