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[/QUOTE] Wow - you are one of the first I've heard that is happy with the switch from an M model to the i8. Thats cool though, I'm glad you like. I think the power/weight ratio definitely can't be ignored, but I still heard the uptake was a bit slow

Thanks for all the feedback - it's nice to hear from some happy owners.[/QUOTE]

Is that because you have been mostly following an M fanboy forum who's members are only interested in comparing the size of their urrrm 'engines'? i8 buyers tend to be a more sophisticated lot, and you cannot truly appreciate the i8 until you drive it (or get driven it it).

I love the fact that when driving through a city I can do so without poisoning myself or the people in the car next to me, and without it costing a penny in fuel, the complete opposite of any petrol car. Then when I get out onto the open road I can drive the wheels off it like any M car or Porsche. Then I can pull onto the motorway, put it into cruise control an have a quiet refined long distance cruise like a Jaguar. Then I can pull up onto my driveway, get out and look back at the car and its as stunning as any McLaren or Lambo out there. That's why I love my i8.
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