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Originally Posted by StuM View Post
DANG! I wish I'd known that an i8 would be up there today :-( Anyway, thanks for the info. Did you get any pictures you can share? What color was the car you saw?
I'm still #5 on my large dealer's list and just recently asked them again if that will mean a car in 2014. No new response back yet.
I didn't take any pictures, as the car was surrounded by people wanting a look, and I figured my photos wouldn't be as good as others that have been published. The car's color was Sophisto Grey with highlight frozen grey and the wheels were the W spoke 470 style. I'm planning on getting the Crystal White pearl with frozen grey and the turbine 625 wheels, but the sophisto grey certainly looked great.

I'm not a big fan of the W spoke wheels, but think I did figure something out about the wheels and tires. I had previously heard that there would only be two wheels offered in the U.S., the one omitted being the turbine 444 style. These wheels are indicated as standard on the Germany price list, meaning they come with the smaller tires. I've recently read that the US cars will come with the larger tires standard, so that might explain why the turbine 444 wheels are not available. Didn't think to confirm this with the BMWNA rep, but it would seem to make sense. Given the choice of the W spoke or the turbine 625 wheels, I plan to go with the latter.

One other thing I forgot to mention about the initial deliveries. The rep did indicate that the first car (only 1) will be delivered to its customer at Pebble Beach. He went on to say that the first wave of cars after that are usually held at the arrival port, awaiting the ceremonial first car delivery. They are then shipped by truck to the dealers at roughly the same time, which would seem to tie to the September delivery schedule.

Now more excited than ever, and counting the days till I can order the car and get a confirmed production slot. I'm first on my dealer's deposit list, so am expecting to place the order within the next month and a half or so.
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