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Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
Do you judge your aging friends and family that do Not give their diet or exercise any time or attention at all?

The older I get, the more I question those in my family or friends i've known most my life who literally don't ever workout or eat right.

I kinda feel guilty for being more disciplined in the overall health department, than many in my family and many of my friends….
Don't feel guilty. Peers need role models even, and it's a beneficial to bring an example of good health around.

I solved my own health issue with lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, hyperbaric therapy), and I live a normal life. Before me, I watched my dad also take his health into his own hands, refuse a triple bypass doctors claimed he would die without, 180'd his diet and lifestyle, and that was 27 years ago. He is very healthy and sharp minded for 83 today. It was good to have him as a role model before my own issue, seeing that doctor's also didn't seem to have any realistic treatment options.

Im seeing a friend go through the exact same health issue and struggles as my own, but they're not at rock bottom yet, so I know they're listening, but not considering. They'll still drink hard liqours, smoke cigars, eat gluten and all the triggers that cause flare ups. I repeat myself and check in because I care about them regardless if they're listening or not. His wife asks me though for more tips and help , so I know someone also cares about him. :lol
Some people just don't change their habits, but that sort of change has to come from within.
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