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This just came up with my dad. He's 82 and recently had a difficult time with life. He's had debilitating pain from shingles since Christmas 2019.

He asked us brothers for some help. He knows his mind is going, and pretty soon, I'm told, the checking accounts will be turned over to me.

Last Sunday, 3 of us where at teh house. Again, he had asked for some help. He doesn't have a regualr Dr., gets confused with all the meds, and so we were organizing them. Then the bro who is a PT showed up and suddenly 'You have to do this, do that" and my dad just shut down. He's not going to be lectured by his son.

Bros talked to him afterwards, let him know that tone won't fly. We are looking now for a 3rd party to come in and give him that lecture.

There was a celebratory text sent out yesterday: Dad agreed to an enema and had a movement" !!!!!
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