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I4 M50i is a big car, I looked at the spec and the dimensions are bigger than my X3. My X3 weight 2000 kg.

I don't believe Model 3 is a direct competitor. Personally I have an X3 M40i, an M4 and I also have a deposit on a Corvette Z8 Z06. I am a gasoline enthusiast, I don't like the Tesla attitude, I don't like their product which in my opinion is cheaply manufactured and comparable to an entry-level product in terms of comfort, finish , strength and durability, equipment offered. If BMW had not offered this product that bridges the gap between a classic car and EV, I would never have considered a Tesla.

I don't care about the weight, I don't lift cars and the spec suit my need. The vehicle is as big and equipped as my X3, I don't fall out of my chair because the I4 M50i weighs a few kilos more than my X3.

BMWs have never been light but their engineer can manage this parameter better than others (the new M4 is not a featherweight).
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