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Saw the ix and i4 in person last weekend and both looked great. Would love to drive them.
Saw the iX in person yesterday at the dealer (was just in display and could not be driven). It got rid of the doubts I had about its looks. As many have said before, it was really nicer in person than in pics/videos.

There are a couple of negatives.
I feel that the infotainment screen could be a little bit bigger/taller. It is still a big screen, but because of the openness of the dashboard, it "felt" a little small.

I am not sure who BMW partnered with for the charging stations that the nav can see, but it did not see the fast chargers Petro-Canada and Electrify Canada have nearby (350 kW chargers). When I looked for charging stations and set a filter for something like 175kW minimum, the nearest ones it showed me where in the US. This will only ever be a problem on a once or twice a year road trip but I honestly would rather not have to fiddle with phone apps from the various companies to plan a long route.

The trunk space worried me, officially 500L but I brought my measuring tape and was happy to confirm that it was not too bad after all. It is smaller than the X5 but most of the difference in space is at the top, which I don't usually use anyway but is helpful to have when dealing with bulky items. I am ok with the size for a family road trip (4 people plus dog in the middle of the trunk with the ski pass open.) YMMV.

Looking forward to a test drive, but I believe will only be possible in Canada in like April 2022 at the earliest. We'll likely put in a deposit/reservation soon/before that.
Nice. You spent more time with it than I did that's for sure. I was just a quick drop in while out running other errands.

I have the X4MC because I didn't want a traditional suv and didn't think I needed the full height trunk.
I was wrong the sloped hatch is a bit of pain to carry anything tall. I'm shocked by how many times I have gone to load something only to find out the hatch won't close. Not practical at all…

I'm not ready for a full electric at this point. I like what BMW is doing with it and where it's going. I have no doubt whatever is out when I'm ready to go full electric will be fantastic.

Hope you get a drive sooner to check it out
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