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dips can cause issues if not doing them right, and so can benching with bad form, which is what it seems to be what your main issue is.

your lower back shouldnt be strained that much to be on fire. best thing i can recommend without seeing what you are doing, is watch a bunch of bench form videos and figure out what is the most comfortable. Everyones body is different and one form doesnt fit all.

same goes for grip and elbow placement. I have found suicide grip causes less shoulder pain for myself, but it has led to some wrist/hand issues so you gotta figure out what works best.

final piece of advice is to do dumbbell bench until you get the motion, muscles, and tendons working correctly. dumbbell bench allows more mobility of the arm/chest so you arent placed into a position that is going to hurt right off the bat. and dont train bench too frequently. 1-2 times a week is plenty starting out.
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