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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
I am looking into getting my house outfitted with cameras. There has been a lot of car break-in recently. I have decided to get 2 dome hikvision, 1 indoor hikvision, 1 outdoor hikvision. I got a couple quote and it look like it will cost a couple thousand dollar to get it professionally installed with the ethernet cable hidden in the wall. I do have a about a foot or 2 crawl space between my first floor and second floor. But I do not have an attic. What is a fair price just for installation?

Diagram of my house and location of where I'm planning to get the cameras mounted.

Planning to go with one in front of garage and one in the backyard.

Bullet camera for the front door.

Indoor camera by the stairs.

Dahua 8 channel NVR with purple WD 4TB HD.

Any thoughts on this setup?
Your diagram didn't post up.

As far as the NVR is concerned, you should read through some of the reviews on Amazon. It looks like interop with Hikvision cameras have been hit or miss. Also that NVR does not have a built in PoE switch. You'll have to factor in a PoE switch, PoE injectors, or have the cameras plugged in via a wallwart.

I'm not familiar with the two outdoor cameras you posted pictures of. But the reviews of them look pretty good.

I used the 3332 for my outdoor cameras.

ETA: The other advantage of using a Hikvision NVR is that you can administer/configure most of the camera functions from the NVR. I also have the same WD 4TB drive you're looking to buy. There's more than enough space on the drive especially once you set up the motion detection trigger.