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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
Correct. I'm on a calorie deficiency. Between 1500-1800/day, don't eat past 5 p.m. and gym 5 days a week. This is how I dropped the weight so quickly.
Gym days consist of weight resistance and cardio after. Weights for about an hour focusing on only a few groups each session doing drop sets and then cardio for about 65 -80 minutes usually around 4-4.5 miles and burn between 850-975 calories per session depending on how I feel.

Now that I'm actually close to what the national standards for ideal weight are for my height (155 @ 5' 9") I'm still jiggly in the ab area and would like more muscle definition. I wanted to drop the weight first as I see all these guys at the gym that are big, but have a lot of body fat. Sure they may be strong or can lift big weight, but they just look fat regardless. I wanted to be lean so I went with dropping the fat and then trying to build the muscle. I do realize that I went the hard way but I'm not afraid to put in the extra work to get exactly what I want.

I do feel like I need to be eating more at this point but the thought of gaining the weight back that I've spent the past 3 months working my ass off to drop is kind of depressing. I'm thinking eat more, lift more weight, do less cardio. Does this sound about right?
For me it seems going through bulking phases and leaning out phases is the most sane method. I'd say I go through not quite a 20-pound swing. But I do seem to get more injuries during my, for me, bulking phase.
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