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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Rmtt Did the shoulder presses with the shrugs at the top that you had mentioned. Actually did them on the hammer strength machine. Brutal. I usually can load up 115-125 each side and rep them out around 8, nothing crazy. Only managed 100lb each side and 8 was a real struggle, looked like my face was going to explode during the top shrug of my last rep lmao.

Side note on travel this morning so had to go to the hotel gym. Cardio and abs, nothing fun, t-minus 25 days until vacation!

It's a different twist. You don't have to do them every time.....but is was the way I was taught a long time ago and the way I always do them.

But you will find that the more you incorporate them into your workout, you actually gain strength pretty quickly. I have shown this to guys that were stuck with weights in any type of overhead press. They have to lower the weight at first, but then they blow past their sticking point pretty quickly.

I guess something about activating the entire shoulder girdle helps with it!
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