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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
^Word, strength isn't my focus, but I love to push myself. So i tend not to keep track of the weights I pushed the previous week, I just ensure that my last set is always the most weight I can do (for a reasonable amount of reps lol).

Anything new I can throw into the mix is always a positive. In the words of Arnold, "You gotta shock the muscles!". I've always been a believer of that, the same workouts time and time again will only yield results for so long.
Exactly. You see so many people in there doing the same thing over and over for years, and they look the same as they did when they first started.

Always good to make your body uncomfortable at times or it won't adapt. It doesn't have to be strength could be volume, rest time between sets, etc.

As long as you are making progress in some form or another even if it seems like it's are still way ahead of 80% of the people you see in the gym!
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