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The first issue that should be addressed is the automatic additional payments to MB, Ferrari and Red Bull regardless of results. Ferrari will finish well down the constructors championship points but still in the top 2 for money collected from the FIA. I don't think the budget cap will work as it is almost impossible to police. Then I think it makes sense to decide on some items being used by all, maybe brakes, maybe the KERS, maybe the transmission. While many want it to be a free for all, watching a race where it is amazing someone besides MB wins is losing my interest. Now we have a 90% chance MB will win the next race with a small chance Verstappen can figure out a way? I think anyone else is highly unlikely.

I would also reduce the aero and increase the hp to make lap times similar but cars able to run closer together. If the lap time ends up a second slower in the future it doesn't bother me, I am mostly interested in a better race where the best driver has an increased chance of winning. I have no idea if Norris or Russel or whoever are the best drivers but they have zero chance of winning and the real race is between 2 drivers on the same team.
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