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I loved all 33,000 miles I put on mine over four years of ownership. I drove it as a daily driver and my only car on Maui. I drove it up and down California. I drove it across the country. I drove it through a full Maine winter.

It never failed to entertain me. I never failed to look back at it with anything but fondness. It's a spirited canyon carver and a silent pedestrian hunter. It's a radical design and a comfortable freeway cruiser. It's a conversation starter and a grocery getter. It requires a little bit of flexibility to get in and out, and mastery of yoga to extract one's self from the back seat.

If you are expecting Taycan Turbo acceleration, you'll be disappointed. It it quick enough? Yes. For nearly everyone.

If you are expecting it to be anything else other than what it *is*, go whine somewhere else. If you waited until it had lost half its retail value to buy a used one, you have no right to complain about why BMW didn't continue the line. It's an expensive halo car, and you didn't buy enough of them (new, from BMW) for BMW to keep it alive.

In the future history books it will be grouped with the 507, the e30 M3, the e39 M5, and the Z8 as the greatest BMWs ever.
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