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Originally Posted by thesubmitter View Post
I think its a given that the i8 was overpriced for the performance it delivered.

Once the price per performance reaches comparable cars it will settle to at least a normal depreciation cycle. I think the perk of the uniqueness, beauty of the car and a long with the fawning younger generations over the car will be an added plus. It seems like most car people under 30 are entranced by the car (our future buyers)
In 2015, you wanted a carbon fiber tub car with highly advanced hybrid drivetrain: the choice was: 918, LaF, McL P1 and... wait for it: i8.

Whilst arguably less fast and desirable than the holly trinity, it was VERY sought after. I remember when waiting for my 1st car, they were trading at 30% over list for a while.

The cost of building the i8 to start with was astronomical and they had to ramp up production massively to get to scale economies. Also without i3 success, it would have been commercially unviable. The carbon factory they built for both cars had to be amortized.

Bottom line? The ONE and ONLY reason why the i8 is overlooked these days is because BMW produced far too many versus what they said they would.

If they had not, people would have seen it as the new M1 etc...

Simple as that. Nothing to do with performance.

A 288gto is worth 2-3mln whilst a 488 costing 1/15th of that goes twice as fast etc...
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