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Originally Posted by SpartanGA View Post
Lifting or not, TRT is an excellent idea. I was close to the minimum of 300 and now hover in the 800-900 range. I don't get the anger issues (I think this is more indicative of your personality with or without the T) Hormone balance is crucial as you age. You will continue to look younger and keep a higher metabolism plus gym is easier.

Maybe a DECA prescription could help too.
Also hard agree here. I've been on TRT for ~7yrs now and it really changed things for me. When I went to get my levels checked mine was like... 90 (seriously) and I was 28. I was tired all the time, gym was a grind for a inch of progress.

I split a test e dose 2x a week and it's been much better since. Giving myself shots forever isn't my favorite activity, but it's better than the alternative for me.
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