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EV range test results - please keep to data only

I know there are other threads and posts about rights and wrongs of BMWs spec on electric only miles, but I would like to ask we make this a place for test results only, not arguments.

Did first test today. Ambient temp came up to 60 (from lows of 40' keep in mind battery has a large temperature mass). Did an ok run, not as flat as I wanted and had to accelerate fast due to traffic a couple of times.

Full charge said 19 estimate, got 16 before engine turned on. Trip data: 30 min, 16 miles, 3.2 miles/KWHr, 34.2 miles/h average.

Please provide same info if you get a chance to test.

I am guessing when ambient is stable around 75 average and with a slightly better route I can hit 19 or 20. Obviously not at all a realistic driving scenario, but nonetheless.