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One interesting comparison note: so I looked up weight and drag coefficient for Leaf vs i8, and the i8 is comparable (slightly heavier but much better drag CF).

Leaf vs i8
3250 lb vs 3455
0.32 vs 0.26

Both are "front wheel drive" for electric.

Only major factor is Leaf has extremely thin and very low rolling resistance tires, and I overinflate by 6 PSI. I can get 4-4.2 miles/kwhr in similar loop (will confirm). I only manage a little over 3. So I have to say it's the tires. If you were willing to swap to much lower performance tires with low rolling resistance you may get the range you want at the expense of, well, everything else! I know from Leaf forums that when people upgrade to better rude/handling tires they take a significant hit in efficiency (20+%).

My tires were exactly as recommended on the i8. I have the bigger tires, I wonder if smaller tires also help (less contact).

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