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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
The fact that the short RED derailleur cage is limited to a 28t sprocket had me concerned because i'm currently using an 11-32 cassette. I know, i know... what the hell am i doing with an 11-32 in FL. Well, my bike came with it and i've stuck with it due to hill training and because the Montana tour i'm doing in the last week of July has about 21,000 of climbing in 5 days. So far, in my 7 month cycling career i've ascended only 30,000. I figured i'd be needing that 32t sprocket quite a bit since the elevation on the trip will be between 3000k and 6500k each day. But.... yesterday i stayed out of my 32t and ended up feeling fantastic after 61 miles and 2700ft. On top of that i only used my small ring for 4 climbs. I'm still trying to convince myself that 11-28 will be just fine for Montana.
There are definitely times I wish I had a 32 on my cassette. Did a ride a week ago that was 60 miles and 5200' of climbing. About died on an 18% grade. Fortunately it was only a 100 yards or so before it flattened out to a mere 11%.

For this old guy, I would rather have one more gear that I didn't need than to need one more gear. Seems any time I'm in 1st I'm hating life.