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Originally Posted by mc-m3 View Post
There are definitely times I wish I had a 32 on my cassette. Did a ride a week ago that was 60 miles and 5200' of climbing. About died on an 18% grade. Fortunately it was only a 100 yards or so before it flattened out to a mere 11%.

For this old guy, I would rather have one more gear that I didn't need than to need one more gear. Seems any time I'm in 1st I'm hating life.
Looking back at the ride schedule for the Montana trip and it appears the grades will be 5, 6 and 7%. They classify them as steady climbs. It appears eTap won't be arriving prior to this trip anyway, so i'll have the 32t at my disposal out there.

18%?!?!? 32t isn't going to save me from that monster or the 11% for that mater! haha I calculated the climbs we have in San Antonio, FL and the steepest ones we have are 4.5, 5 and 5.5% grades. But to my knowledge, a 5% grade could be a short steep climb or a longer less steep incline, no?

I just don't know what to expect having never ridden outside of FL on a road bike.

Ride schedule. Apparently there is a 25-30 mile ride on the Sunday arrival day as well. They should be sending a map soon.
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