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Originally Posted by badluck View Post
thinking of getting into cycling. What would you go for out of these? BMC SLR02 105, Cervelo R2 or Specialised Tarmac sports/comp. ?
I'm a bit biased, but i'd go with the BMC, then Specialized. My wife has the TMR02 and i have the GF02. The SLR02 seems to be the offspring of those two bikes. Or if you prefer, the TMR02 with less aero concept and more compliance concept.

I'd normally suggest getting something with at least Ultegra component set, but as after only 6 months of riding, i'm now ready to upgrade to electronic shifters, i could have saved some cash by going with 105.

Any of the 3 are great choices and will likely meet your cycling needs for years to come even without upgrades. I'd say get which ever one you find most aesthetically pleasing. There is an intangible with cycling the involves the aesthetic of your bike. So whichever bike would have you looking forward to riding the most is the one to get.
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