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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post
i wouldn't say a 41 grand starting price is awesome for something that looks like the result of an X3 and a Smart Car's one night stand.

Also, with options this thing will easily top 50k- not so good when you look at what else is out there and what is on it's way.

Again BMW is launching cars that are outside US consumer expectations pricing wise (don't even get me started on a decently loaded 640i GC).

That being said, it is more the probable BMW has chosen this route as the "i"
division has been very expensive to develop and then produce and that cost has to at least be recovered no doubt.
Originally Posted by Theride View Post
LOL why do you guys come on here and chastise bmw on their pricing, yet their sales keep going up every year.
I love when people come on here to complain about how high the prices are, and then bitch when BMWs are no longer exclusive because everyone has one.
Is there really anything besides a BMW?