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Hello to all! You asked it, so I have to post these pics. Sorry for the quality, but they show what is the reality really here in Finland and Scandinavia. During winter not necessary cleaning the car, it will look like that in no time.

I will have to write another post about i8 in winter, but I'll just say that it copes well. I have had i8 since 2/15, and it's my DD. Another car is E70 X5M that we have had only for 1 month. And my wife drives that. I8 has no mods, but the X5M has full interior done, lowering etc. But not yet have any pics.

6GC was the most beautiful car ever, but had to sell it because it was too small for our family, and it was rwd, so no use. Amaro/white interior was to die for.

997 4S was the most potent winter car that I have had, really! Better than i8 and X5 actually. And we also had E61 M5 touring this year, the second time, but sold it to get the X5M.

Have to post more often...
Yes that is how my car also looks in Finland ☺. How was the 911 better than the i8 in winter? I find the wad in the i8 is much better than the 997 turbo I had, the rear biased awd nearly killed me a couple of times as the rear suddenly snapped loose. You can get the 997 to do a 180 with TC and SC on! I8 is more stable. The suspension in the i8 is more forgiving andI have not scraped the spoiler of the i8, but the 997tt flight ground constantly, so surprised for your 911 praise as I never felt it was very stable in winter. I actually lost one wheel on the 997 when I went down a steep slope and the back suddenly slid past the front and right into a curb despite opposite lock.

It was tested thoroughly ☺