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Originally Posted by 519.E82 View Post
Im currently using my old shitty wheel (had a G29 but couldn't justify the $700CAD for it and a shifter at the time) and started using a triple monitor set-up on assetto corsa, do the cars handle similarly in iRacing or would you say its better or worse?
iRacing is more raw, more accurate in terms of grip/tire feel, heat cycle, wear, sound, and graphics are much better. It's being updated on a weekly basis.

AC is a fun sim, I spend a lot of time on it, but it's not as close to the real world feel that iRacing has. To me it feels more "arcade" like, than realistic. Has a lot to do with the FFB programming, and physics engine between the two.

What I like about iRacing is the North American track selection, NASCAR series, and the GT/F1 racing. It's the closest thing to real world competition you can get. I've crossed paths with a few sporting celebrities (football players, Nascar drivers, GT drivers) on iRacing as well, which is neat.

You have to invest in iRacing to get the most out of it, both time to get your Safety Rating and License Class up, and some $